"If the technology will help you improve your relationship with the client, then it should be considered. We have found that many agents today are looking for technology to do the work for them. The Internet won't be sufficient to build relationships with clients. Previously, people do business with people that they know and trust. Today, people do business with people they are confident with; especially with real agent negotiators will the cutting edge technologies, data and information.

IT based real estate system are vital to the company's strategy in offering a full range of real estate-related services to consumers, adding that this seamless offering of numerous services will likely become especially important as the market get competitive.

"It is part of our concept that allows our real estate negotiators to work smarter, not harder," and the company's technology effort is intended to enable a more seamless consumer experience. Therefore all TECHREALTORS negotiators either carry a laptop, I Pad, I phone or Blackberry with them whenever they are in the field.

Tech Realtors vision is to built a tech-savvy culture and the company has sought to keep the company on the cutting edge with streamlined access with our customize data and tools. We strongly believe technology-enabled real estate system is one aspect that will gain momentum.


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